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February 23, 2017

Potandon Produce in Mourning

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Potandon Produce in Mourning

Idaho Falls, ID – February 23rd, 2017 – Potandon Produce mourns the loss of Kent Romrell

Kent Romrell, one of the original founders and former Senior Vice President of Sales at Potandon Produce LLC passed away yesterday from an inoperable brain tumor which he had been undergoing treatment for since August 26th, 2016.  Kent is survived by his wife Deon, four children, and several grandchildren.   Kent was 70 years old.

Kent retired from Potandon Produce in March 2013 after more than 30 years in the fresh produce industry.  His career spanned many companies and he touched many lives during his time in the fresh potato and onion industry.  Kent’s produce career started in 1983 when he joined the R.T. French Company, and later with Pillsbury Foods after a buyout in 1985. In 1995, Kent and three other senior Pillsbury managers, Jeff Sholl, Mel Davenport, and Steve Ottum, led a buyout of the fresh potato and onion division and formed Potandon.  As one of the founding partners of Potandon Produce LLC, Kent led the sales department until his retirement, guiding Potandon on a path that would see the company grow to the largest marketer of fresh potatoes in the nation.  His guidance and forward thinking made an impact on the fresh potato industry that will not be forgotten.  Under his leadership Potandon Produce introduced many new potato varieties into the marketplace and helped change the direction of the category forever.

 Dick Thomas, Potandon’s current Senior Vice President of Sales spoke of Kent’s passing, “I’m going to sorely miss Kent and his passing leaves a huge hole in my life.  He taught me the fresh potato business over the 23 years we worked together.  Whether it was business, personal, or on the golf course, Kent was always there for me.”

Mel Davenport, CEO of Potandon said, “Kent was a terrific friend and partner.  He was one of a group that established Potandon as an innovative and leading produce company.  He will be truly missed.”

Jeff Sholl, Managing Partner Potandon LLC, shared his thoughts on Kent, "There are some people you meet, as you go through your career, who are bigger than life. Kent was one of those people. Kent was a true character and his passing makes the world a poorer place. We all have lost true friend and important colleague. Kent left his stamp on Potandon and his many contributions and lasting legacy will not be forgot. Kent will be missed."

Steve Ottum, Potandon’s President said, "If it were not for Kent, Potandon would not be where it is today. But more importantly he was a great partner, friend and one of the most caring people I have ever known. And oh my how he loved golf. He would teach you little things about golf, even while he was taking your money!!  He will be missed. On behalf of the Potandon employees and owners our thoughts and prayers are with Kent's entire family."

 “Kent’s contributions to the produce industry are too numerous to count and the impact he had on my life, both professionally and personally cannot be expressed with words.  He lived his life to the fullest and he will never be forgotten,” remarked Ralph Schwartz, Vice President of Sales.

Arrangements have not been announced at the time of this release.