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Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Potandon Produce is one of the pioneers in the produce industry when it comes to Food Safety.  Our leadership started 23 years ago when we implemented a complete Food Safety program and third-party audit system at the packinghouse level.  When Food Safety became the new normal, Potandon was already a decade ahead of the rest of the potato and onion industry.  This leadership exists today and is ingrained in every part of our business model. 

Starting with our ownership and senior management, the total company commitment to Food Safety is evident.  Our programs are forward-thinking, well organized, and contain multiple review points from multiple sources to ensure we are sending out products our customers can trust.  We work with the best third party auditing companies in the nation including the American Institute of Baking, Silliker, Primus Labs, SGS, and NSF/Davis Fresh.  Our packing facilities are certified with the Primus GFS certification, which is an approved GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmarked program.

All Potandon facilities are FDA registered under the Bio Terrorism Act of 2002 and the Food Safety Modernization Act.  Everyone is COOL compliant (Country of Origin) and have all required insurances, facility inspections, and water testing.  As per the Food Safety Modernization Act, HACCP testing is done at each facility and reviewed on a regular basis.  We also have an established Food Security/Defense program at all facilities.

In order to be certain that we have the means to handle any emergency, a complete Trace Recall Program was established.  Our packages have traceable coding and we practice mock-recalls with very tight time requirements.  We also have a consumer hotline for concerns of any type.

Quality Assurance

Potandon fields a staff of over 20 Quality Assurance inspectors who monitor item specifications and product quality at the packinghouse level.  These team members are on-site at shipping locations on a daily basis.  They check samples throughout the day for quality concerns, weights and measures, and appearance.

Each facility goes through the rigorous process of a third-party audit each year or season, depending on the type of location.  In addition to the third-party audit, two additional inspections of equal caliber are done by our Food Safety management team each year.  Random samplings are taken regularly for pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide residues at locations around the facility.  All trucks and railcars are inspected prior to loading and proper cold-chain temperatures are maintained throughout the shipping process.