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Specialty Potatoes

                                                         One Step...Done! Potatoes

One Step...Done!

Introducing the most convenient flavored fresh potatoes, ONE STEP... DONE!   The only product in the fresh potato category featuring shelf-table seasoning requiring no additional ingredients or mixing.   This patented dual-chamber bag releases butter and seasoning together at the perfect time. Fresh potatoes, flavor, and convenience, all with the push of a button - ONE STEP... DONE!  

One Step...Done! Sell Sheet

Klondike Goldust Potatoes

Klondike Goldust

Known throughout the fresh potato industry as the very best yellow potato available, the Klondike Goldust will simply amaze you.  It’s a perfect union with smooth yellow skin and vivid yellow flesh.  Not to be outdone by the appearance, the dense flesh cooks to a wonderful buttery deliciousness.  A silky smooth texture that has a pleasurable mouth feel clearly demonstrates that this potato has much more to offer than just fabulous looks.  The uses for this potato range from baking, broiling, mashed, steamed, roasted, grilled, and in the microwave.  You’ll surly find the taste to leave you wanting more.

Klondike Goldust potatoes are grown in North Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Arizona, and Texas. 

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                       Klondike Mini Gourmet

Klondike Mini Gourmet

Klondike Gourmet mini potatoes are the proverbial case study in flavor.  Our proprietary potatoes are chosen for their flavor first and their color, shape, and size next.  Today’s consumers are looking for more than just amazing plate presentation or fabulous coloring; they want new and exciting flavor profiles, which Klondike Gourmet® mini and petite potatoes deliver.  The line includes six distinct mini potato types or blends, packed in smaller bags which are perfect for a great-tasting side dish.  We’ve packed a lot of information on the bag including recipe ideas and nutritional information.  But, don’t take our word for it – taste-test them yourself.

Klondike Gourmet Mini Sell Sheet

               Klondike Express

Klondike Express

When you combine great tasting potatoes with cutting edge packaging technology, the results are amazing.  Klondike Express takes convenience to the next level and beyond and makes serving fresh healthy potatoes a pleasure.  It starts with our micro-perforated microwave bag; a package which allows the potatoes to breathe but keeps them fresh for an extended period.  The revolutionary one-step cooking process will let you put an entire pound of fresh potatoes on your plate, ready to season and ready to eat in just six minutes.  The combination of a lightning-fast cooking time and fresh potatoes that are bursting with flavor makes Klondike Express a go-to choice for an on-the-go lifestyle.

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