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The Potandon Vision

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The management of Potandon Produce has a prophetic outlook on the future of both the company and the industries in which they compete.  But what they’ve done and are about to do is what separates Potandon from the rest of the suppliers.  Instead of waiting for someone else to be the next trendsetter, Potandon happily has taken the reins and has been the leader in innovation for over a decade.  Instead of waiting for the consumer to tell the industry what they want, Potandon has initiated multiple consumer and industry research projects; gathering data from surveys and compiling statistics to formulate a more focused approach to selling fresh potatoes and onions.  While others are imitating, Potandon is innovating.

Leading an industry means we never stop growing, never stop reaching, and never stop improving.  But more importantly it means having a strategic plan on where you want to go and how you plan to get there.  What we’ve done in to clearly defining our vision, mission and values and communicated it to all employees and owners.  We’re making sure our business structure and organizational structure are optimum to deliver on our vision.  And we are providing opportunities for all employees who embrace the vision of Potandon to reach their full potential.

Our core vision is made of up proven principles which guide everyone every day.


Being the best means more than just putting out the best products, offering the highest quality and providing excellent service; it also means meeting customer deadlines, doing what it takes to win, even if that means putting in a few hours of overtime, and having a great work ethic. 


At Potandon, we have a lot of customers.  Whether they are consumers, trade customers, growers or employees, our staff is focused on “wowing” the customer.  We strive to exceed expectations and won’t accept average or even good, when excellence is the goal.  Every problem has a solution and every problem solved leads to a better experience.


Every employee, from the new hire who just clocked in to the CEO, is an Ambassador of Potandon.  We work in a team-based environment based on mutual respect which is uplifting as well as inspirational.  At Potandon, negativity is not acceptable and everyone has a can do attitude.


The entire team at Potandon follows an unwritten code; it’s one of honor and integrity.  We stay true to our core values, we treat one another with respect as we’d like to be treated, and we value honesty more than anything. In today’s business world you only have one chance to make a first impression and ours is an impression that lasts for generations.  Many of our customers have been so for decades and we work hard every day to prove to them why we are their supplier of choice for fresh potatoes and onions.

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